West Coast Timber Designs are an Option on Any Budget

As seen in the Comox Valley Record's Valley Living Section on October 19, 2011
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Carl Tessmann
Island Timber Frame
Timber Framing and decorative timber accents are becoming very popular in contemporary West Coast home designs. The open space achieved from high vaulted ceilings with the comforting feel of exposed wood beams and hand crafted joinery is a combination that cannot be achieved with any other building method. To make timber designs accessible to everyone, designers have developed methods to integrate timbers into almost any home. 
In new home construction, builders often employ a hybrid of timber and standard framing to achieve the benefits of exposed timber in spaces such as a "great room," where a high vaulted ceilings and exposed Douglas Fir timbers would be most appreciated. This keeps the costs to a minimum as timbers are used where they are most wanted and traditional framing is used everywhere else.
Exterior accents such as cosmetic rafter ends, knee braces and gable trusses are an addition that significantly increases the street appeal of your home for relatively little cost. A simple timber entry can create a spectacular focal point that would change the appearance of any home and increase resale value by a good margin. 
The same methods of timber framing can be used for exterior structures such as gazebos, decks, gates and fences to add a West Coast charm to landscaping. For exterior structures it is recommended that Western Red Cedar is used rather than Douglas Fir as it is naturally preserved against the elements. 
Timbers can be used in varying degrees, from simple and inexpensive highlights to entire home construction. However timbers are employed in your design, the end result will be a significant increase in resale value and a overall improvement to the appearance of your home.